Psicología De La Ciudad

Este volumen refleja la pluralidad de los planteamientos actuales de la Psicología ambiental urbana, fruto de unas jornadas de debate en torno a la Psicología de la ciudad. La ciudad de los ciudadanos frente a la ciudad ?tematizada para el turismo de masas, además de otras cuestiones de interés para la planificación y gestión de […]

Klosterkirchhof Home

So long as old people continue to live in their own homes, society does not take full notice of them. But the moment they need senior citizens2 homes, residential centres and sheltered housing, the dilemma becomes evident. On the one hand, there are not enough institutions of this kind, and those which do exist often […]

Country Hotels

Anyone who thinks the world’s hippest, most jaw-dropping hotels can only be found in cities will be astounded by this photographic tour through the global countryside. As this colorful book reveals, the quaint «old-country» inn of the past has given way to interiors and amenities that will astound even the most jaded traveler. In Granada, […]