Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

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libro Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

Offers a stimulating introduction to globalization and its varying impacts across, between, and within societies. It is a highly readable book that contributes to a better understanding of the crucial aspects and dimensions of the developments and transformations that go by the name of globalization. – ,Globalization has become the buzz-word of our time. A growing number of scholars and political activists have invoked the term to describe a variety of changing economic, political, cultural, ideological, and environmental processes that are alleged to have accelerated in the last few decades. Rather than forcing such a complex social phenomenon into a single conceptual framework, Manfred Steger presents globalization in plain, readable English as a multifaceted process encompassing global, regional, and local aspects of social life. In addition to explaining the various dimensions of globalization, the author explores whether globalization should be considered a good or bad thing – a question that has been hotly debated in classrooms, boardrooms, and on the streets. –

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