The Librarian Of Auschwitz

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libro The Librarian Of Auschwitz

Fourteen-year-old Dita is one of the many imprisoned by the Nazis at Auschwitz. Taken along with her mother and father from the Terezin ghetto in Prague, Dita is adjusting to the constant terror that is life in the camp. When Jewish leader Fredy Hirsch asks her to take charge of the eight precious books the prisoners have managed to smuggle past the guards, she agrees. And so Dita becomes the secret librarian of Auschwitz, responsible for the safekeeping of the small collection of titles, as well as the «living books» – prisoners of Auschwitz who know certain books so well, they too can be «borrowed» to educate the children in the camp. But books are extremely dangerous, especially in the children’s block, where the slightest transgression can result in execution…

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