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libro Tainos Y Caribes

Writen for both the general public and the specialist, Tainos and Caribs, Antillean aboriginal cultures summarize the Spanish and French historians descriptions on the ancient inhabitants of the Antilles, as well as the latest historical, anthropological, linguistic, archaeological and even genetic research. The goal is also to offer the reader a summary of the experiences lived by the Antillean aboriginal cultures before, during and after the European discovery. In other words, present concisely the origins, heyday, decline and legacy of the Tainos and Caribs. The book is based on some 400 books and scholarly articles written from the fifteenth century until today, making the bibliography of great value for anyone wishing to know the original sources. The book is in Spanish, originally published in 2003. It is required reading for scholars, teachers, students and the general public interested in the indigenous societies of the Caribbean.

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