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libro La Medida Y La Memoria

It has often been said that books, as the ideas they hold, have a life of their own. A life which estranges itself from the desire and intentions of the author himself. This book was started several times. In fact, I believe it was written many times. Or maybe, it often rewrote itself, and each time it seemed to take a different course: its own course. It began as a mere bundle of data cards, it continued with the addition of different historical criticisms, it later launched into the field of comparison and illustration, then, it became imprisoned in technical complexity and it ended up being none and a bit of each, It is now what it itself wanted to be: an open area where the character, performing what Calderón de la Barca named The Great Theatre of the World, can be seen. A Great Theatre that could be besides labelled as Urban Planning. When the life and works of somebody appear together in a book, as it seems to be the case here, they both can act as enemies and destroy each other. This book consists of three parts: The firsts two, called Logbook 1955-1975 and Logbook 1975-2000, reveal the work of Javier de Mesones, and the third, named Kaleidoscope, collects those experiences which, in my opinion, can provide a better understanding of his work and hence of his humanity. — taken from the foreword. ALSO AVAILABLE IN A DELUXE EDITION (HARDBACK WITH SLIPCASE).

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