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No editing, no footnotes: The Nirvana singers JOURNALS is the years most fascinating, heartbreaking rock book. I would only wear a tie died t-shirt if it were made from the Blood of Gerry [sic] Garcia and the urine of Phil Collins, Kurt Cobain proclaims in one of his rants in JOURNALS, a fascinating, exhausting, illuminating, and ultimately heartbreaking tour of his private world, its unlike any rock book ever., the text consists of facsimiles of pages from Cobains private notebooks, with hardly any footnotes, dates or editorial comments.nbsp, You just dive right into a pile of raw diary entries, political screeds, track listings for mix tapes, letters, doodles, lyric sheets, a cartoon of Iron Maidens mascot, a 1988 resume, notes for his driving test, all written in his tiny scrawl.nbsp, He describes the night he heard punk rock for the first time, at a Melvins gig in a parking lot, in words that could make you cry.nbsp, He confesses, I would love to be those kids on the back of Kiss Alive, the ones holding the banner.nbsp, Kiss.nbsp, I dont even like Kiss.nbsp, And he gives the grisly details of his fatal descent into the drug he consistently misspells as heroine. To make any sense of JOURNALS, you have to already know his story: the youthful indie days, his struggle with sudden fame, his marriage to Courtney Love, the drugs, the guns.nbsp, But what comes across most vividly is the humane, tolerant rock & roll passion that made him an icon in the first place and that makes him still so badly missed today.nbsp, When he casually scribbles lines such as I like the comfort in knowing that women are the only future in rock and roll or god is a woman and shes Back in Black, its even more shocking to read now than it would have been in 1994.nbsp, Try to imagine any famous person talking this way today–any rock star, actor, athlete, politician, anybody.nbsp, Reading Cobains JOURNALS, you dont just mourn him, you mourn the open musical and cultural…

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