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libro Ascension

The stakes are extremely high as Biron Coomra tackles the complexities of controlling his unlimited power. A renegade thought could alter the course of history. An unguarded emotion could easily destroy the entire planet of Serpentine. Nothing and no one is safe unless Biron can tame his volatile passions. And the one thing he values above all things-his relationship with his wife-is now in jeopardy. Even a hero needs some way of escape. Feeling unappreciated for his years of sacrifice as a protector, Biron retreats to the Universal Pyramid, where his friend Sentinel reveals the deepest mysteries of the Mystic Monolith. The short-lived hiatus is broken when a plea for help from an old friend forces Biron on a journey of mercy, pushing him beyond his physical and mental limits. Meanwhile, friends and supporters rally to save the life of Biron’s wife following a monumental catastrophe that critically injures Myia and traps Biron in an alternate reality. Unaware of her mortal fate, he continues his quest to help his friend and to find a way back home. In this final installment of The Children of Enoch Series, the hero must draw on all his knowledge and power to fix an alternate reality plagued by death and destruction. His love is put to the ultimate test as he seeks a way to return his wife’s essence before death claims her.

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  • Número de páginas: 216
  • Autor: D C Claymore
  • Tamaño: 1.97 - 2.12 MB
  • Descargas: 1431

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