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libro 24 Horas

A criminal story for students who want to learn Spanish in a different way. The history has place in Spanish city, Alicante. Roberto, a police inspector, has to solve a mistery in 24 hours. FUNNY AND EASY TO READ, the book is writen using a really easy gramar, so students from A2 level can read it without any problem. You will find presente, pret�rito perfecto, gerundio, imperativo so you will not have to worry about understanding the grammar, just focus in the history. The book also includes drawings, pictures, maps, definitions of difficult vocabulary, exercices to practise grammar and a game where you will be a detective and you will have to discover who is the criminal. It�s made with all my love so I�m sure you will like it ,)

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  • Autor: Ramon Diez Galan
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