Spanish Short Stories For Beginners

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So you’ve taken the first steps to learn Spanish? Congratulations! Are you looking for a fun way to become conversational? Have you always wanted to speak naturally in this charming language? Look no further! The tools you’re looking for are right inside this book, with 54 more wonderfully engaging dialogues to help you improve your Spanish reading, comprehension, and conversation skills! What is holding you back from being conversational in Spanish? Perhaps it is a lack of vocabulary and comprehension that makes it hard for you to understand what people are saying. Maybe it’s that when you try to express yourself, you just can’t find the right words and phrases to use (or the expression you use don’t go over well with because they’re not commonly used by native speakers). If only there was a single solution for increasing comprehension, strengthening grammar, and building a phrasebook of useful expressions (to use in a wide variety of situations), all while having fun and being entertained. Good news! The solution is right in front of you, in a book that will be your favorite companion for learning and becoming conversational in Spanish. You’ll cover all the essentials: grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, and conversation, all while enjoying a good read (and not even realizing that you’re studying and improving your language skills)! In this book, you’ll discover: The key to improving three basic language skills, by reading the stories out loud, writing answers to the tests to check comprehension, and putting the dialogues to use when speaking. A relaxed way to improve your Spanish (while being entertained!) How to avoid some of the most common mistakes beginners to learning Spanish make. A tried-and-proven method for processing new words and phrases and gradually building your active vocabulary. How engaging dialogues and short stories make learning Spanish easy and fun! A guide that is simple enough for beginners and engaging for intermediate…

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