Educacion Multideterminada. Los Maestros Multideterminados

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libro Educacion Multideterminada. Los Maestros Multideterminados

This book explores the multiple factors that may be influencing the education provided by teachers of basic education. Factors inherent in the teacher include the following: age, sex, physical condition, talent, intelligence, personality, and academic education, among others and external factors associated with the organization of the educational system and conditions under which development is carried out. The research is supported by a case study: teachers of basic music education for kindergartens in the State of Querétaro. It was carried out by means of a thorough documental and historical review and a complex empirical investigation using participant observation and key informants. Support was taken from such authors as: Bourdieu (1990), Durkheim (2004), Willems (1989), Gramsci (1975) and Weber (2004), among others. From relevant results, we locate, identify and demonstrate specific forms in which particular characteristics of the teachers themselves and the specific environment in which they work influence the education they provide.

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