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English summary: In the Greek the word logos means word but also narrative, lore, as well as number, account, measure, and proportion, so the word merges with universal law merges, the understanding of quality, and the measurement of quantity. This work is concerned with the medieval disciplines of the word-oriented trivium and the number-oriented quadrivium as well as the diverse cultures of natural and cultural studies, which Sobato, Arlt, and Borges sketched out. Certain questions form the point of departure for this work, such as: What role did the theorem of ascribed to Philolaus, which suggested that all observable things had a number and the numbers were the principles of nature, play in literature? What results did the geometricizing and arithmeticizing have on the visual arts and the military profession in the Early Modern Period? How did physical concepts such as quantification and mass serve as a point of departure for the valuation of a virtuous lifestyle and an ethical behavior in literature? What importance was seen in the connection of language and value, in terms of literature, as viewed by a society increasingly oriented to the laws of valuation? In addition to general theoretical contributions, there are also contributions about Spanish and Latin American Literature from all centuries. German description: Im griechischen Wort logos, das sowohl Erzahlung, Kunde, Wort als auch Zahl, Rechnung, Mass und Proportion bedeutet, kommen Wort und Weltgesetz, Verstehen der Qualitat und Messen der Quantitat, zusammen. Im vorliegenden Band geht es um die Fortsetzung der mittelalterlichen Disziplinen des am Wort orientierten Trivium und des von der Zahl gepragten Quadrivium ebenso wie um die unterschiedlichen Kulturen von Natur- und Kulturwissenschaft, die Sabato, Arlt und Borges entwerfen. Ausgangspunkt sind dabei Fragen wie: Welche Rolle spielt der dem Philolaos zugeschriebene Satz, dass alles Erkennbare eine Zahl hat und die…

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